Compliance Management Service

Compliance Management Service

Compliance Management Service

Product Approvals Ltd offer a Compliance Management Service ('CMS') which fulfils the compliance requirements for companies in an economic and timely way. Product Approvals Ltd. is staffed by compliance specialists with many tens of years of experience between them and diverse product management, engineering and regulatory expertise. 

The regulatory environment has become increasingly complex and presents significant challenges to manufacturers, designers and importers of consumer and commercial products. Compliance specialists are difficult to find and are often seen as an unnecessary overhead by businesses. This can result in inexperienced staff being given the compliance work as a second “job” or worse still, it gets ignored until a problem arises with the regulatory authorities. 

In the current economic climate many manufacturers’ are finding that the route to increased sales is by exporting to Europe and beyond. The European regulations are largely harmonised and do not present too many issues when you know the rules, but the major non-European export markets have diverse technical and regulatory requirements which present major hurdles to companies who wish to export to those regions.
Also on the subject of the current economic climate with soaring inflation, wage rises, and other global factors, it may be strategically advantageous and highly cost-effective to oursource your product compliance needs to us using our long-established CMS which is CaaS - Compliance as a Service. This can also be provided along with our online product compliance management software tool - Comply Express SmartCertTM.


The Compliance Management Service will cost significantly less than the cost of employing an experienced full time compliance engineer.

Product Approvals Ltd. has several CMS service options to meet your company’s unique requirements based on workload and timescales

Case Studies:

An innovative lighting company - new luminaire range using mixed technologies launching on a worldwide basis.

An online retailer of sports equipment - CE certification for a wide range of sports personal protective equipment. Includes submission of new products to an EU Notified Body.

A large multi-national industrial automation manufacturer – design for compliance and certification consultancy.

A high performance computer manufacturer – managing compliance for the US and Canadian markets.

A hazardous area lighting manufacturer – assistance with developing new product.

A Swedish innovative lighting designer & manufacturer – global approvals management

A pharmaceuticals company – EU & US approvals management.

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Why use our Compliance Management Service?

Additional resources to supplement in-house capability- we can add resource to your compliance team - or you can fully outsource your product compliance needs to us. 

Reduced costs of compliance management - our cost structure is realistic and less expensive than employing a full time compliance engineer who may have a limited scope of expertise.

Wide ranging expertise - our approvals consultants and engineers have wide ranging expertise and many years’ experience. 

Expert knowledge on technical and regulatory requirements - we monitor changes in standards and regulations to ensure that we are as current as possible with respect to standards and regulations.

Extensive experience in obtaining third-party certification marks such as UL, ETL, CSA for North America, RCM for Australia/New Zealand, CB scheme “passport” where appropriate for global markets, avoiding the pitfalls that can cause major problems for companies that do not have experience in the various approvals and verification processes. 

What can we do?

Get your UKCA and CE Marking done - we are hands-on and can fully handle your UKCA and/or CE marking requirement from start to finish, including testing (subject to product type).

Legal requirements
– assistance on the legal requirements for product compliance, import and export, local regulations.

Global Market access – compliance with national regulations to access markets worldwide.

Maintaining ongoing compliance – requirements and products change over time and these changes must be tracked and additional work may be required to ensure that products are not only legal but continue to be compliant.

Multiple projects – Product Approvals Ltd. can manage multiple projects simultaneously or over an agreed period of time to meet your priorities and budgets.

Design for Approval – starting the design process with knowledge of the technical regulations will save you time and money in the future. We will brief your design engineers and audit their designs to prevent costly delays.

Project management – Product Approvals Ltd. will manageentire projects or parts thereof on behalf of your company. 

How do we deliver the service? 

Estimate the workload and resources required – we will review your requirements and determine the timescales and deliverables which can be achieved to meet your budget or vice versa.

Monthly payment schedule – the monthly cost will be spread over the agreed period of the contract to give you more control with budgeting and cashflow.

6 or 12-month agreements tailored to your requirements – we will work closely with you to offer the best combination of services to meet your budgetary and timescale requirements. This will be set out in our contract.

Summary of Compliance Management Service benefits include:

  • Predictable compliance management costs for your target markets.
  • Tailored to your company’s unique requirements.
  • Compliance experts with knowledge of your company’s products and processes always on hand. 
  • Allows your team to focus on your company’s core work such as new product development.
  • Consistent effort on the compliance project to achieve the compliance goals as soon as possible.
  • Access to multiple specialists across many compliance areas including safety, EMC, environmental, materials properties – simply more expertise than is available in most small, medium or even some corporate size companies.
  • Where required, includes our product testing services via our in-house test lab, as part of contract using our safety, IP, EMC and other test facilities.
  • Removes the burden of keeping up to date with constantly changing regulations.
  • Can transfer crucial design-for-compliance knowledge to key personnel such as electronic and mechanical design engineers.