Authorised Representative Services

Authorised Representative Services

Authorised Representative Services

Introducing Product Approvals Ltd’s EU and UK Authorised Representative services.

What is an ‘Authorised Representative’?

In the context of product compliance, an Authorised Representative (AR) is an individual or a business entity that acts as an authorised point of contact on behalf of a manufacturer that is based outside of the country for which the product is being sold (or placed on the market in most cases, even if a sale is not involved).

In the case of an EU AR, the representative would be based in one of the 27 members states
(UK being a ‘third country’ from 1st January 2021 so an EU AR can no longer be located in the UK from this date). Product Approvals Ltd has set up an AR entity based in Portugal (on the island of Madeira).

Therefore Product Approvals can licence its Portuguese address for use under contract by a customer that is based outside the EU (including GB i.e. England, Scotland, Wales) and also Northern Ireland.

The CE mark will of course remain a requirement for the majority of product types that are being placed on the EU market. The CE declaration of conformity (also referred to as EC declaration of conformity) requires certain key information to be stated on it such as the business name, person responsible, product names / model number and legislation applied. Product Approvals can create the declaration on behalf of customers and can also licence the use of its EU address and contact details so that relevant EU bodies can contact to make enquiries if required. In this mode, we liaise between EU bodies such as enforcement body, and market surveillance authority etc, and the original manufacturer / supplier that is located outside the EU.

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How does Product Approvals provide the AR service?

Product Approvals Ltd has developed specialised cloud-based software – ComplyExpress SmartCertTM. This software includes a special AR feature which enables the customer to register their details including product information which is then stored in the system’s database. This forms the basis of the AR service. It also provides other features that assist with product certification. 

Comply Express Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary business of Product Approvals Ltd. The software is available by monthly subscription

Is it mandatory to appoint an Authorised Representative?

For certain types of product – yes - particularly medical devices. For most product types is not mandatory to appoint an AR in the EU but in practice this may be the easiest approach (e.g. if you don’t have your own office in an EU member country) because an in-EU point of contact is still needed.

How do I get started?

Simply contact Product Approvals by email or phone to enquire further

Contact Product Approvals by email or phone to enquire further about UK AR service and UKCA declarations and marking.

UK Authorised Representative – what is this all about?

Following on from the above general information about the EU Authorised Representative requirements, the UK requirements are expected to be similar to those of EU AR, especially from 1st January 2022, for companies based outside of the UK.

Product Approvals is offering a UK AR service to customers outside of the UK, licencing its name and contact details for use accordingly. Exact details and requirements are not yet fully available from the UK government at the time of writing (November 2020). Some details are available now such as the UKCA mark artwork for UKCA certification mark, and this can be used from 1st January 2021. See our page on UKCA for more information.

As described in the EU AR section above, this service will be integrated into our – ComplyExpress SmartCertTM cloud-based software tool as a standard feature for the AR service, at the base software subscription cost.

Contact Product Approvals by email or phone to enquire further about UK AR service and UKCA declarations and marking.