Product certification is crucial to being able to place a new product on to the market. It is a legal requirement. However, in our experience certification (such as CE marking, UL approval etc) can be overlooked especially in the early stages of designing and developing a new product. We still see several instances of certification being left to the last minute in a product launch process.

And even if importing an existing product design e.g. from China, it sometimes causes issues, for example we have been contacted on occasions by importers that have had their imported goods impounded at customs due to oversights including incorrect or absent product markings and/or satisfactory evidence of certification. We also strongly recommend thoroughly reviewing product samples and their certification evidence, before committing to importing a first shipment of goods for sale.

Certification should be considered at an early stage in any process whether working on a new product, re-designing an existing one (regulations may have changed since it was originally designed) or importing.

Our section on certification gives a basic overview of certifications, by country / region for some of the most common certification marks currently in use – and a new one too – the ‘UKCA’ certification mark coming in to use in the UK from 1st January 2021.

If you require further information and advice on product certifications applying in your case, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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