The service you have provided has been excellent, Product approvals knowledge and experience has enhanced the team at Invertek and it’s been great working with you, we look forward to your support going forward.

Jay Davies
Product Integrity Manager
Invertek Drives Limited

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for the great service that PA ltd has been providing us with.
The compliance and technical support service we have received has been excellent with all work being undertaken both diligently and thoroughly. It recently came to my attention that we have been working and collaborating on projects for 7 years; how time flies in the world of business. In the last twelve months, we have been using your smart cert software package. From a personal perspective, this is an impressive piece of software with the added benefit of being easy to use; we also plan to use this as a central database for all of our Wras, Kiwa and NSF conformity requirements.

 We look forward to working with you for many more years to come.

Gavin Harris
Greg Rowe Limited

With regard to UK and EU certifications -- as contact link promised, it might be worthwhile having a call with Product Approvals Ltd. I hereby cc John Showell & Mark Lindsay, our principal contacts... for 10+ years, Product Approvals have provided D-Line a great service in advising on certification and test requirements; including the provision of electrical tests that we use for due diligence in quality assurance. Perhaps the contact can be mutually interesting, and we respect they have a focus on post-Brexit issues.

"With an active new product development programme to expand our cable management range, whenever we’ve wanted specific tests to evaluate product performance limits or to validate claims, the pragmatic and professional services of John and the team have been an invaluable assist to D-Line. Similarly when we need advice and an interpretation of the exacting standards of particular export markets, we appreciate the great service always provided by Product Approvals."

Paul Ruddick, Founder 
D-Line (Europe) Limited. 

"To say that I am impressed by your recent performance and help in testing is a complete understatement, you have vastly exceeded my hopes and expectations and your efficiency and speed have been of invaluable help to my Company, many thanks indeed. 
As an importer and online retailer we deal with many companies both within the UK and abroad and you have been the most efficient, professional and straightforward to deal with that we have ever encountered. Each step of our dealings with you from initial contact, laboratory testing and follow up paperwork and reports has occurred efficiently and effectively, your thoroughness in testing was impressive and your ability to ‘think outside the box’ when considering potential hazards and problems with our product was particularly so. 
I have already recommended you to our local Trading Standards, several of our competitors and also some of our customers and I will continue to do so. I will of course be in touch for every product we import in the future. 
Once again, many thanks for an exceptional service and very best wishes for the future which we will be a part of. 
Kind regards, Robert.” 

Dr Robert Vaughan. 
MD Bluefin Trading Ltd.

"We gave Product Approvals an almost insurmountable task to CE mark our electric motors in less than 4 weeks. I am very pleased to say that they achieved it with a few days to spare. They worked very closely with us and kept prompting for information, never allowing the project delivery date to slip. 
Without doubt I would be happy to work with the Product Approvals team again and strongly recommend them. "

Sharon Nichol, Head of Operations 
Rotalink Limited a manufacturer of miniature power transmission and control systems. 

"With an active new product development programme to expand our cable management range, whenever we’ve wanted specific tests to evaluate product performance limits or to validate claims, the pragmatic and professional services of John and the team have been an invaluable assist to D-Line. Similarly when we need advice and an interpretation of the exacting standards of particular export markets, we appreciate the great service always provided by Product Approvals." 

Paul Ruddick, Founder 
D-Line (Europe) Limited. 

"We had limited time for our products CE marking for the EU market. John and Mark were able to accommodate us at late notice and with their expert knowledge and skills from Mark and everyone at Product Approvals, we were able to certify our product on time and professionally. 

I would highly recommend Product Approvals and would be happy to work with them again on any future CE marking projects and product development."

Claudia Forsbrey – Project/Account Manager 
Shape Construction & Design Ltd. 

"I have worked with John and he has always produced first class work, and I highly recommend his services." 

Graham Harris, Managing Director 

"Product Approvals assisted me from the very early stages of a theoretical project through to actually certifying the equipment to the CE standard. My client tasked us with procuring a pneumatic air tube system from the USA and installing it in the UK, the system in question had passed all of the necessary testing for the US market but had never been considered for use in the EU before. John and his team were excellent in dealing with the very high demands put on them by myself and my client and also a vendor who could be difficult at time to obtain information from. All the people involved were professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable within their fields and the testing and certification was completed with no hiccups. I would be happy to engage with Product Approvals again on my next project and would highly recommend them." 

Ben Yoxall – Key Account/Project Manager – Chubb Fire and Security Limited, A UTC Climate Controls and Security Company 

"When my company considered to begin a process of UL approval of one of our products for possible entry into the US market, we didn't know very well how to proceed. John was a great help to us to understand the process and also his experience was very important to do the necessary design modifications to deal with the final UL approval testing. For us it was a great experience and our R&D team learned a lot from John during the project development!!" 

Ramon Ciurans, R&D Manager of Salicru, S.A. 

"With the help of John and his expert knowledge of the various standards we have enabled our products to reach a larger market.
John successfully negotiated a fixed inclusive price for the Safety and emc testing which proved to be crucial. By ensuring that our range of machines were classified as a family the costing was kept to an acceptable level. "

Dave Robinson, Engineering Manager 
Morgana Systems Ltd 

"John provided an invaluable service to GenDrive when he came to provide assistance with the CE marking of our 10kW three-phase grid tied inverter for wind turbine power conversion. Safety of the product is paramount and John brought with him not just experience with the relevant EU standards but also an engineering understanding of the application and the constraints that a small company such as GenDrive operate. John’s professional approach and detailed end of project report have enabled GenDrive to continue the work independently and with confidence in the understanding of the standards. We can highly recommend Product Approvals for work in this area and I am sure GenDrive will be using them again for future work on CE and potential investigation of UL approval." 
Service Category: Engineering 
Year first hired: 2010 
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity 

Will Drury, Electrical Engineer, GenDrive Ltd 
GenDrive Ltd 

"I really should have contacted Product Approvals sooner. For us; going down the CSA or the UL route had lots of options and it is was unclear from the CSA or the UL web sites how to proceed. In the end John actually steered the UL down a route that was both time and cost efficient.

Dave Walker-Nix, Senior Ground Segment Engineer, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

"Safety issues are crucial in any product development. I’ve worked together with John reviewing a highly sophisticated product concept for the lighting industry. His knowledge and expertise in safety issues, testing procedures and project organization topics were essential to define the needed improvement activities for eliminating product risks. We can highly recommend Product Approvals for safety product assessments especially in the electronic domain and we’ve just planned another project together with John." 

Siegfried Luger, Business Manager Luger Research e.U. and publisher of LED professional.
LED Professional

"The nature of our business demands the need for in-depth standards and approvals knowledge. Working with Product Approvals Ltd has allowed us to respond quickly to customer's needs and make important design decisions with the confidence that we can meet customer's end user requirements." 

Danny Ireland, Principle Design Engineer, Himag Solutions Ltd.
Himag Solutions

"John Showell supported a design review on a new tank measurement system, working well with the other external consultants. John was able to provide expert knowledge not only on system verification, but also complement the hardware and software input from the other consultants. I look forward to the opportunity of working with Product Approvals again on another project." 

Dr Michèle Routley, The Technology Manager.
The Technology Manager

"John most kindly advised and assisted us with our project in applying for a Special Inspection for the first introduction of our product into the Canadian market. Thanks to John’s knowledge and experience he successfully handled the project for us, which resulted with us gaining CSA Approval for our product." 

Kim Austin, Victor Hoist
Victor Hoist