EMC testing

EMC testing

EMC testing

As part of our product testing capabilities, we offer comprehensive EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing services in our well-equipped laboratory.

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EMC Testing at Product Approvals Ltd.

Demonstration of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is a pivotal component in the approval process for the vast majority of electronic devices used around the world.

In the early days, we used external test houses to provide all of our clients' EMC testing requirements during the approval process.  However, we have always held the ambition to be able to provide our own comprehensive in-house EMC testing service.  We have recently (2018) invested heavily in our EMC test facilities in order to make this ambition a reality.

Having our own in-house capabilities enables us to provide a much more agile EMC testing service than we could if we relied upon the availability of external test houses.  This translates into shorter timescales and a more responsive service for you, the customer.

EMC testing can be a daunting prospect, but our goal is to be your partner throughout the EMC testing process, and make the process as smooth as possible. This will help you to get your product to market faster and therefore generating revenue quicker.

Whether you plan to submit a production item for final EMC testing, or require pre-compliance measurements to help de-risk EMC aspects of your product development, we can assist you.

Our Capabilities:

Our EMC test service is constantly expanding.  Current test capabilities at our Stafford Park, Telford headquarters include:


Conducted Emissions
Radiated Emissions
Harmonic Current Emissions
Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker


Electrostatic Discharge Immunity
Radiated Immunity/Susceptibility
Electrical Fast Transient Burst Immunity
Surge Immunity
Conducted Immunity/Susceptibility
Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity
Voltage Dips and Interruptions Immunity