Product Approvals Ltd offers comprehensive fully independent consultancy, project management and testing services. Including obtaining UL listing and UL approvals for the USA, CE marking for the EU, design safety reviews, checking & testing of imported products, managing approvals on your behalf and training on compliance subjects.

Other services or combinations of services can be provided in order to satisfy your requirements please ask.

Where appropriate, the service will be tailored to best suit your unique requirements.

1. Consultancy, project management and delivery of third-party safety approval marks submittals e.g. obtaining UL approval for US and Canadian markets, also obtaining Notified Body CE certification for highly regulated products. Worldwide approvals such as CB scheme.

  • We have extensive experience in obtaining demanding third-party approvals such as the UL Listing mark for the USA
  • Don’t risk rejection of your product by a certification body. We have many year’s experience in successfully navigating these complex approval processes

2. CE marking.

  • CE marking consultancy, project management, including writing of CE Technical Files and CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Testing services – using our test laboratory, or outsourced as required

3. CE Verification-Check-Test.

  • Aimed at companies and individuals importing CE marked products and looking for additional assurance about the validity of the supposedly CE marked product
  • Verification inspection and testing in our laboratory

4. Compliance Strategy Review, Compliance Management Service (CMS). EU and global market access.

  • Research and report on a compliance strategy for entry into desired target markets, including various options
  • Full Compliance Management Service whereby we look after your approvals, leaving you to concentrate on core tasks

5. Industrial Control Panel approval services – assistance with approvals, and training courses.

  • Product Approvals have many years’ experience in carrying out CE marking of industrial control panels and machinery.
  • Do you need to get an Industrial Control Panel approved for use in the USA or Canada? We can help you with a range of tried and tested services which will facilitate exactly the right kind of approval for your chosen market.
  • Arm yourself with up-to-date knowledge on the approvals processes required in order to get Industrial Control Panels efficiently and cost-effectively certified for use in the EU, USA and Canada. Find out more about our training courses - click here.

6. CE Authorised Representative service

  • For companies located outside of the EU, we can act as an ‘Authorised Representative’ and fulfil the duties as laid down in the relevant EU CE marking directive
  • Use of our EU address on your CE Declaration of Conformity, product labelling and packaging. Act on your behalf as legally required point of contact for EU enforcement and market surveillance authorities.

7. Training.

This can be provided on the following subjects on our premises or on yours:-

  • Introduction to CE marking
  • Introduction to UL marking
  • Introduction to design industrial control panels for CE / UL USA / Canadian requirements
  • Introduction to CE marking of machinery

For further information on the above courses, click here

8. Data research and collation.

This service can be of help for example when selecting suitable polymeric materials for an electrical enclosure and can include review of relevant parameters such as flammability, relative thermal index for electrical & mechanical performance, comparative tracking index, arcing and hot wire ignition resistance and so forth.

  • Help in selecting suitable components and materials such as the right type of UL recognised or Listed component for inclusion in your US specification product or machine

9. CE Declaration of Conformity Review

This is a comprehensive review of a CE Declaration of Conformity document, for example of a product that you may be intending to import from China and place on sale in the EU.

  • CE DoC Review.

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